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zip 명령어 사용법

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Copyright (c) 1990-2008 Info-ZIP - Type 'zip "-L"' for software license.
Zip 3.0 (July 5th 2008). Usage:
zip [-options] [-b path] [-t mmddyyyy] [-n suffixes] [zipfile list] [-xi list]
The default action is to add or replace zipfile entries from list, which
can include the special name - to compress standard input.
If zipfile and list are omitted, zip compresses stdin to stdout.

-f   freshen: only changed files
-u   update: only changed or new files
-d   delete entries in zipfile
-m   move into zipfile (delete OS files)
-r   recurse into directories
-j   junk (don't record) directory names
-0   store only
-l   convert LF to CR LF (-ll CR LF to LF)
-1   compress faster
-9   compress better
-q   quiet operation
-v   verbose operation/print version info
-c   add one-line comments
-z   add zipfile comment
-@   read names from stdin
-o   make zipfile as old as latest entry
-x   exclude the following names
-i   include only the following names
-F   fix zipfile (-FF try harder)
-D   do not add directory entries
-A   adjust self-extracting exe
-J   junk zipfile prefix (unzipsfx)
-T   test zipfile integrity
-X   eXclude eXtra file attributes
-!   use privileges (if granted) to obtain all aspects of WinNT security
-$   include volume label
-S   include system and hidden files
-e   encrypt
-n   don't compress these suffixes
-h2  show more help


[기본 명령]

zip ./folder/*

[디렉토리 압축]

zip -r folder

[디렉토리 이름 없이 압축]

zip -j ./folder/*

  • Dreamy 2012.06.21 22:30

    압축 파일 내용 확인

    unzip -c [파일명]


    압축 풀기

    unzip [파일명]


    Usage: unzip [-Z] [-opts[modifiers]] file[.zip] [list] [-x xlist] [-d exdir]
      Default action is to extract files in list, except those in xlist, to exdir;
      file[.zip] may be a wildcard.  -Z => ZipInfo mode ("unzip -Z" for usage).

      -p  extract files to pipe, no messages     -l  list files (short format)
      -f  freshen existing files, create none    -t  test compressed archive data
      -u  update files, create if necessary      -z  display archive comment only
      -v  list verbosely/show version info       -T  timestamp archive to latest
      -x  exclude files that follow (in xlist)   -d  extract files into exdir modifiers:
      -n  never overwrite existing files         -q  quiet mode (-qq => quieter)
      -o  overwrite files WITHOUT prompting      -a  auto-convert any text files
      -j  junk paths (do not make directories)   -aa treat ALL files as text
      -U  use escapes for all non-ASCII Unicode  -UU ignore any Unicode fields
      -C  match filenames case-insensitively     -L  make (some) names lowercase
      -X  restore UID/GID info                   -V  retain VMS version numbers
      -K  keep setuid/setgid/tacky permissions   -M  pipe through "more" pager

    See "unzip -hh" or unzip.txt for more help.  Examples:
      unzip data1 -x joe   => extract all files except joe from zipfile
      unzip -p foo | more  => send contents of via pipe into program more
      unzip -fo foo ReadMe => quietly replace existing ReadMe if archive file newer

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